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2022 Moon Festival

The Moon Festival will be celebrated in Asia on 10th September 2022 when families set snacks and fruits on a table to offer to the moon god to wish for their whanau’s health, prosperity and happiness.

We want to encourage you to get together to enjoy the moonlight as we reboot Asian tours. While we hope to go to China next year, we want to share this special time of the year with agents to launch some special itineraries to China.

The ancient past meets the modern age with our Asia Tours.

  • Culture? It goes back over 5,000 years in Asia.
  • Scenery? Asia has mountains, rivers, deserts, and rolling hills nestled among bustling urban centres.
  • Adventure? Start planning now and check out these itineraries to start planning your trip. You’ll run out of time before Asia runs out of options to consider.

We hope to roar back in this Year of the Tiger and jump like a Rabbit during Lunar New Year in 2023.


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